Trevor Garage Doors and automation Cape Town.  We supply, install and automate the best quality of tip up garage doors in Cape Town at competitive rates. Are you in Cape Town looking for good quality garage doors for your home or business  ? Do you want it installed and/or automated ?  Our Tip up garages doors are available in different range of seizes, materials, designs, colours.  We make it our mission to meet with your requirements.

Tip up garage doors or tilt up garage door
aluminium Tip up garage doors Cape Town
Aluminium Tip up garage doors
garage doors in Cape Town

How do Tip Up Garage Doors Work ?

A tip up garage door also known as tilt up garage door is a garage door that  glides half way in and outside when opening. Tilt up garage doors can be operated manually or automatically.

Tip Up Garage Door Materials

We supply  tip up garage doors that are made with materials such as  Meranti, Aluminium and Aluzinc material.

Tilt Up Garage Door Colors

Our tip up aluminium  garage doors and aluzinc garage doors comes with a choice of  the  standard colours such as the following  Charcoal, White,  Brown and Bronze.   We can provide a wider of colours choices e to powder coat the doors to offer you a wider range of colour options.

Tilt Up Garage Door Standard Measurements


4880 wide x 2150 high

Head-room 200mm

Nibs 150


2450 wide x 2150 high

Head-room 200mm

Nibs 150

Tip Up Garage Door Installation & Automation in Cape Town

When it comes to garage doors we are able to cater to your requirements. We assist with  Garage Door Automation in and around Cape Town and our specialised team of technicians takes around an one hour for  garage door motor installation. We also assist with placing new tip up garage door mechanism.


    •  anti-crush setting 
    • Soft start and stop feature
    • electronically controlled
    • stop/start positions
    •  battery warning indication
    • Auto close feature
    • Battery back-up 

Tip Up Garage Doors Repairs

  • is your door experiencing noise ?
  • Is your Door Heavy ?
  • Is your door Hanging Skew ?
  • is your garage door not opening or closing  ?
  • Did your garage door fell Down ?
  • Are the tip up Doors Hinges And Arms Broken.
  • Did you bump into your garage Door ?
  • Is your Door Spring  Broken ?

Tip Up Garage Door Servicing

In order to avoid any garage door complications we can assist with garage door servicing.  We can help with lubricating, tightening and adjusting spring tension.

Garage Door Motor Repairs

We install, service and repair Garage Door motors

Do you need a Tip Up garage door installation in Cape Town and surrounding areas ?

We pride over our 13 years of experience in the  Garage door industry, we have installed tip up garage doors in suburbs of Cape Town. Cape Town Suburbs such as Northern Suburbs, Antlatic Seaboard, Southern Suburbs, West Coast, and Cape Flats

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