Are you in Cape Town looking for an affordable  garage door that is secure, modern, attractive and saves space on your property  ?  Trevor and his team  will  gladly assist you by supplying installing, automating and repairing sectional  garage doors in Cape Town. Our garage doors are available in different sizes, colors & materials depending on your preference.

sectional garage door
sectional garage doors
sectional garage doors
garage doors in Cape Town

How Do Sectional Garage Doors Work ?

Sectional  Doors are garage doors made  from a number of fixed panels also known as  sections  joined together.  They move vertically when it is opening, then horizontally along the ceiling, guided by tracks and counter-balanced with springs. 

Sectional Overhead Garage Door Materials

Our sectional  garage doors are  available in  materials such as: 

Sectional Overheard Garage Door Colors

We provide aluminum & aluzinc sectional doors in commonly used colors such as  white, charcoal, bronze and brown.  There is an available option to powder coat these doors in various colours.


Below are the different opening sizes.


Standard single:

2440mm wide x 2150mm high


Standard double:

4880mm wide x 2150mm high

Side nip space:

minimum 150mm


Head space:

minimum 300mm

Sectional Overhead Garage Door Benefits

  • They  provides security
  • They suit for  small driveways
  • they can  come with electric or manual opening
  • they can be applicable to any garage Opening
  • they are helpful  in creating more Space because of the manner  that  they open, they do not need to swing outwards at all. They slide up and down allowing you to park much closer before opening your garage door and to maximise your actual usable space, while not eating up any of your interior storage space.  
  • They also provides Insulation

Sectional Door Automation Features

  • anti-crush setting feature
  •  battery warning feature
  • Auto close feature
  • Battery back-up feature

Do you need a Sectional garage door installation in Cape Town and surrounding areas ?

We pride over our 13 years of experience in the  Garage door industry, we have installed sectional garage doors in suburbs of Cape Town. Cape Town Suburbs such as Northern Suburbs, Antlatic Seaboard, Southern Suburbs, West Coast, and Cape Flats

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