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Do you desire to have a garage door supplied, installed and automated ? Trevor and his team of trained and experienced technicians will give you a pleasant experience in  getting high quality  Garage doors  in Cape Town


Trevor Garage Doors is  an established Cape Town garage door company on a mission to provide the best attainable service when it comes to supplying, installing & automating  Garage Doors. The vision was birthed in 2008 by Trevor. C .

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Sectional Overheard Garage Doors

If you are someone looking for sectional doors in Cape Town. We will help you by supplying, installing and automating your sectional overhead garage doors.  We provide sectional garage doors in various colours such as white, charcoal, bronze and brown. However we provide an option to powder coat if you want to choose from a wider range of colours. Our sectional overheard doors are constructed from materials  such as Aluzinc  & aluminium             

Aluminium Garage Doors

To all lovers of garage doors that are delicate, long lasting and not easily affected by rust. We can assist you by supplying, installing & automating  Aluminium garage doors  that  suit the needs of your property or business. We make our aluminium doors available in colors such as white, Charcoal & Bronze. But Powder coating  is an option to those who wish to pick from various colors.  Aluminium doors  are available in styles  such  as sectional overhead garage doorroll up garage door and  and tip-up garage doors.

Aluzinc Garage Doors

Do you want a garage door that has good abrasion resistance and high temperatures corrosion resistance ? Trevor Garage Doors Cape Town will  supply, install and automate aluzinc garage doors for you in all surburbs in Cape Town areas. Aluzinc doors are made of a combination 55% Aluminum & 45 % Zinc. We can supply aluzinc doors in  4 standard  for aluzinc doors which are white, brown, Charcoal & Bronze. However There is an option of powder coating for more colors of your preference. It can be made available in wood grain finishing.

Roll Up Garage Doors

This is among the most common garage doors in South Africa. We supply,  install and automate quality  roll up garage doors. Our roll up doors can be available in standard colors such as  white and brown. They are constructed from materials such as aluminium and aluzinc,  Roll up doors  do not use a horizontal track system however when the door is being  opened, the steel sheets coil up in a roll at the top of the inside of the garage.

Tip Up Garage Door

Get your Tip up garage doors supplied, installed and automated by Trevor & his team. Our Tip Up or tilt up doors are available in the common colors such as   Charcoal, White, Brown and Bronze. They are constructed from materials such as meranti timber, aluminium and/or aluzinc.

intercom systems installations And Cameras

We repair & install Intercom systems at your home or business  that suits any application. Audio Intercoms, video Intercoms.

Do you need a garage door installation in Cape Town and surrounding areas ?

We pride over our 13 years of experience in the  Garage door industry, we have installed various garage doors in suburbs of Cape Town. Cape Town Suburbs such as Northern Suburbs, Antlatic Seaboard, Southern Suburbs, West Coast, and Cape Flats

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